London Ambulance Service’s Finance Team on their second Corporate Team Building Away Day managed by Gable Events

Corporate Team Building

Beginning with an “introduction bingo” game the team quickly gelled into 4 brilliantly named teams and explored a 4 step approach to team tasks. After Team Building Challenge No 1 – Sweet Encounters (a quiz based around sweets & chocolates) the teams then spent some time looking into the strengths each of them bring to the table. This progressed into exploring how strengths & behaviors are sometimes misinterpreted by others and the impact that can have on ourselves, the team and the organisation as a whole. After Team Building Challenge No 2 – Animal Magnetism (you’ve guessed it; a quiz based around animals!) the teams then had the game boards to Project Swap Over revealed to them – by removing the tablecloths which hid them!

Project Swap Over was the main challenge of the event – a sort of 2 dimensional Rubik’s cube. The objective being to move the four marked containers to the positions currently held by the four unmarked containers and vice versa. Several constraints to work within of course and only 30 minutes to work out the solution, document it (or make it repeatable!) and prepare for the three official timed runs each! ALL FOUR teams succeeded in working out the solution, eventually! Some excellent times were recorded, and after building the suspense and tension it was revealed by our facilitator Steve that the best time from the day had put the LAS Finance Team at the top of the Project Swap Over leader board with the best time ever!

A short Team Building Challenge No 4 left the team in great spirits and off to lunch with their heads held high!

This was one of many Corporate team building days and challenges organised and facilitated by Gable Events throughout the year. As well as co-ordinating the morning to ensure it achieved LAS’s objectives for individual improvement and clear outcomes for the Finance team that could be taken back to their office, we sourced and made all the team away day venue arrangements. Friends House at Euston proved to be the perfect venue in the ideal location with an excellent day delegate rate and a professional service and catering to match.

Corporate Team Building

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