Corporate Team Building Days & Events

All of our corporate team building days and events can include a wide variety of our individual team tasks which can be booked as standalone events or combined with other fun indoor and outdoor activities to suit your numbers, objectives and budget.

Not only can we provide you with the activities below but with our skilled Event Managers we can assist, advise or take complete control of the planning of your corporate team building day.

Our individual team activities include:

Paper Rods Construction Challenge
Each team is given 100 Paper-Rods (machine rolled newspapers) from which they must construct a “roller coaster” for a football. The ball has to bridge a gap of 14 feet, travel underneath itself and turn through 360 degrees. Perfect for getting the creative juices flowing!

Rocket Launch
Beat the clock, complete the mission and win the rocket building challenge! Each team has the same rocket building kit but which will build the best rocket and whose will go the furthest?

Capture the Headlines
This photographic corporate challenge brings out the actors/actresses amongst your corporation. Each team is given a list of headlines or topics which are either real, imaginary or related to your company or project. They are then issued with a Polaroid style instant camera which they must use to capture staged photographs to represent each headline or topic.

Spiders Web
Weave your way through the different obstacles without setting off any of the booby traps, whilst being blindfolded and guided by the rest of your team mates. A great way to build focus and trust.

Paper Tower
In this traditional team building task each team is given 100 sheets of A4 paper and some sticky tape. Their task is to construct the tallest tower possible within the set time limit that will support a golf ball on top. The golf ball is as precious as an egg so whatever you do don’t let it drop otherwise you and your team will end up with egg on your faces!

Design an Advert
With the given information and visual image presented teams’ are set the challenge of producing a winning advertisement. This is then to be presented to the other teams at the end of the day. All based on a set of criteria it’s like being back in the boardroom in front of Lord Alan Sugar!

Shed Building
Teams are presented with a collection of colour coded and numbered pieces of wood with the objective to construct the skeleton framework of a large shed/shack. This may seem fairly straight forward at first glance, but your team’s communication is tested to the max when they find out they don’t have any building plans!

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