Fun Team Building Event – Soap Box Derby

  • Remember as a child you always wanted a soap box pedal kart as seen in ‘The Little Rascals’ ? Well now you can build and race your own with our Soap Box Derby team building event!
  • Assemble, decorate and race against each other in your company’s very own Wacky Races.
  • Follow the instructions to assemble your kart and then use the additional equipment provided to decorate your kart to a predetermined theme, which will be judged in the ‘Grand Parade of Karts’ prior to racing
  • After the design and judging stages are complete, it’s down to racing! The main event consists of a Le Mans-style running start into a 10 minute race with the top teams going through to the grand final.
  • Compulsory driver changes every two laps and our authentic pit stop challenge adds to the excitement and keeps everyone active and involved
  • This fun team building event is a classic exercise in teamwork, time management, problem solving, leadership and effective use of resources.
  • Our event compere, race marshals, event theming and background music ensure the atmosphere is electric!
  • The soap box derby team building event can include an icebreaker exercise that will determine the order in which the teams get to choose their additional materials.
  • But any Dick Dastardly’s among you be warned, time penalties are added for cheating and infringing the rules!