Modern, fun & unique indoor team building event – 60 Second Challenge

  • The 60 Second Challenge is a unique team bonding experience with a twist as teams use their coordination, teamwork and strategy skills to complete simple tasks that become epic challenges!
  • This addictive, challenging and fun indoor team building event up-lifts the atmosphere in any room as the teams complete a series of nail-biting tasks against the ever-ticking clock! Does your team have what it takes to complete all of them?
  • The games are great energisers and designed to bring out the individual skills of the participants so that everyone in a team is given the chance to shine. Who knows, maybe you have a champion of cup stacking in your team?
  • With a choice of up to 12 exciting team building games such as Stack Attack, Maracas Madness, Dice Hard and Separation, we have transformed everyday products into extraordinary quick-fire challenges which you won’t be able to resist!
  • The games are extremely adaptable to any event scenario or indoor location. The 60 Second Challenge is perfect as a short ice breaker, after-conference team building event or surprise evening entertainment
  • The benefit of the 60 Second Challenge is that people work together without realising it because they’re having so much fun. A great way to build a cohesive team who will work together more efficiently back at the workplace.