Corporate Race Nights

  • Our corporate race nights are highly entertaining events where guests can interact with each other, experience some healthy competition and have the chance of winning many prizes!
  • We dress your chosen venue with racing artefacts to make it look and feel like a real racecourse. With lively banter from our professional compere, we ensure maximum fun and enjoyment for your corporate event.
  • Our videos are recordings of exciting historical and memorable flat or jump based races filmed on English racecourses with professional commentators.
  • Our tote assistants in jockey silks interact with your guests providing race cards personalised with your company details and fun betting money. The race card is carefully considered and the form guide noted. Then, either individually or working as a team, guests are invited to place their bets and see who wins!
  • After each race the winning bets are paid out at the tote booth and the team/individual with the most fun money at the end of the evening is declared the winner!
  • Corporate race nights are an excellent end to any corporate evening or team building event so call our friendly team now for more information!