Office Christmas Party Activities – Festive Team Games

Split into teams and take on some of our wacky and fun festive team challenges to earn points. What do points make?… Prizes!

One of the best office Christmas party activities for getting your team together, discovering hidden talents and building team spirit.

Our top five Festive team games are brilliantly flexible with numbers accommodating between 10 and 500 people with everyone participating in each activity together for maximum competition and fun!

Teams will try their hand at:

  • Balloon Modelling – Each team must create their own Father Christmas hat using balloons
  • Cake Decorating – Each team must design and decorate a fabulous Christmas cake
  • Christmas Fairy – Teams design and create an outfit for their Christmas fairy, fit for the top of a Christmas tree. The only difference is this one is human sized and modelled by one of your team members. Nominated fairy models must strut their stuff to wow the judges on the catwalk!
  • Christmas Cardies – Teams are given a plain jumper and craft materials with the simple task of creating the most cringe- worthy Christmas jumper they can think of!
  • Reindeer – Work in teams to create the tallest free-standing reindeer using only newspaper & sellotape. Not as easy as it sounds!

For smaller numbers, we can run the office Christmas party activities in zones with teams competing head to head on each festive team game before rotating to the next. This rotational format can accommodate up to 100 people and the additional games available are:

  • Christmas tunes – The ultimate test of teamwork and communication as teams learn to play ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ on our giant walk-on floor piano!
  • Jingle Bells – Which team can give the best rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ on the hand bells.
  • Tree-mendous – Good communication is essential as team mates assemble and decorate a Christmas tree whilst blindfolded!
  • Puzzle-time – Teams must work together on some Christmas-themed team building puzzles including the Present Pyramid and the Christmas Robbin’ in order to solve the mystery of who stole the Christmas presents.Festive team games enhance creativity, collaboration, healthy competition, problem solving and team communication