Murder Mystery Corporate Events

  • Spend the evening listening to evidence, alibis and confessions as each of you and your colleagues attempt to convince the Detective Inspector of your innocence!
  • An excellent evening of corporate entertainment delivered in either Art Deco, Victorian, Forties or a Modern style, our murder mystery corporate events provide plenty of laughs as well as mystery and intrigue as to ‘who dunnit’. Just remember to bring your poker face!
  • Why not give us some insider information on some of your corporate guests and we can really dig the dirt with hilarious consequences especially if they get on the wrong side of our Detective Inspector!
  • With scripts ranging from glamorous murders in the 1920s to Bond, Clue D’ Oh and our Christmas themed ‘Who Killed Santa?’ we have a murder mystery scenario to suit all tastes and eras.
  • We can provide a range of packages to suit your numbers and budget. Offering three to five actors depending on your event numbers, allowing guests to be involved or sit back and watch as the mystery unfolds!
  • Call today for more information!