• Each team will be tasked with designing and building the most effective self-propelled model racing car using the chassis provided – the ‘R’ in Formula ‘R’ stands for rubber bands!
  • You will buy your car parts from The Kit Shop after first discussing the options with your team. Rushing to and from The Kit Shop due to limited stock is a great ice breaker keeping every team member on their toes. You will soon learn that working collaboratively with the other teams is the key to success!
  • Teams will be judged on the look and functionality of their vehicle as this will determine where you start on the track. You will also need to incorporate your company logo and branding and demonstrate how your model racing car represents your company’s values
  • Finally, the F1 Grand Prix moment everyone will be waiting for. Excitement and laughter are guaranteed in the finale, as all the teams cheer on their car to the finish line!
  • Led by our professional compere, this creative team building event is fast, furious and very funny. It’s the ideal activity to improve communication, collaboration, project management and problem-solving skills
  • The Formula ‘R’ model racing car team building event is easily adaptable so you can choose a theme to suit the occasion and your industry. Popular themes include mobile homes, space rockets, horses & jockeys and emergency vehicles
  • If you are looking for a life-size outdoor alternative check out our Soapbox Derby event where you get to race our pedal karts!