• The corporate magic workshop will be led by our award-winning magician, Carl Royle, who is well known for performing at premiership football events, celebrity weddings and parties, prestigious product launches and even at a Royal Wedding for the Crown Prince of Jordan
  • After introducing the principles of magic, you will work in teams practising and learn the most amazing card tricks, coin tricks and even mind-reading tricks. Once tricks are mastered the teams will perform their chosen trick in front of a real audience (their colleagues) encouraged by a commentary from Carl himself!
  • The magic workshop is unique in providing a fantastic team building activity and after-dinner corporate evening entertainment, all in one event. The activity helps to improve presentation skills and enhances the confidence and creativity of the group
  • In keeping with the theme, Carl will perform his own magic show walking around the tables during dinner or lunch so that you can see just how it should be done!
  • Why not give your team a chance to become magicians for a day with this inexpensive and popular corporate team building event. Who knows, maybe someone has a hidden talent? If not, at least you can all laugh about it!
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