Human Table Football

  • A fantastic giant inflatable version of the popular table game, it’s energetic, fun and guaranteed to make you laugh!
  • Promotes good team work and communication – everyone has to move in the same direction at the same time!
  • Ideal for mixed groups, entertaining for spectators as well as competitors and an excellent charity fund-raiser
  • Can be combined with other football themed activities such as target football, soccer darts, bubble football, football simulators, table top football, penalty shootout, radar soccer and mindball to make a superb football-themed corporate event
  • With the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup in Russia around the corner, why not add World Cup theming to your activities! Split your group up into different teams who can then compete as participating nations from the tournament. Why not go further and wear the colours of the nation you are representing, and we can provide the nation’s flag and even play their national anthem as you step out into the arena!
  • As Russia is the largest country in the world, there is plenty that the country has to offer that you could also use as side activities, including Russian folk singers, Cossack dancers or a range of Russian-based cuisine from meat dishes to pancakes. For those who want to party long into the night after winning your tournament, don’t forget that Vodka is one of the most famous drinks to come from Russia!