Human Buzzwire/Giant Buzzwire

  • Think you’ve seen it all? Well think again! Our amazing Human Buzz Wire requires competitors to get from one end of the giant buzz wire to the other, not as easy as it sounds when you’ve got to do it with a metal loop on a helmet attached to your head against the clock!
  • This incredibly versatile piece of kit works just as well on an individual ‘come and try’ basis as it does as a team building exercise. The only difference being that as a team exercise, team mates must carry the team member who is wearing the helmet to guide them over the giant buzz wire without setting off the alarm!
  • The Human Buzz Wire works well on its own as a side activity for a company party or at conferences as a break-out activity. It also compliments many of our other activities including Pub Games, Interactive Games such as Batak Pro, Wii Games, Car Simulators and Indoor Laser Shooting or the Giant Scalextric and Casino Tables
  • If you like the sound of the Human Buzz Wire, why not take it up a level and book our Krypton Maze which offers equally hilarious and mind-boggling activities!
  • The Giant Buzz Wire also works well in the standard way (without helmets) whereby individuals use their hands rather than their heads to navigate the loop around the wire, trying to avoid being buzzed along the way