• This quiz with a difference is perfect corporate entertainment for during or after lunch or dinner. Every attendee gets a chance to enjoy a full range of fun, interactive activities resulting in an unforgettable event!
  • In our standard 90-minute Game Show event format you can choose 8 rounds based on such well-known shows as Chubby Bunnies, Catchphrase, Binbag Fashion, Play Your Cards Right, Family Fortunes and many more
  • Our Gameshow Mania quiz show is hosted by one of our experienced presenters who will transform the room into a world of excitement, fun and positive energy!
  • This corporate evening entertainment is ideal for people from any background and doesn’t require any specific skill, just energy and enthusiasm
  • Complete with background music and sound effects, our corporate game show provides colourful laugh-out-loud entertainment at its best and is guaranteed to be talked about in the office for years to come
  • Call us today to add some fun to your corporate party!