Corporate Football Themed Events

Don’t worry if you’re not the next Kevin de Bruyne or Neymar as we have a huge range of fun corporate football themed events to cater for all including rodeo football, human table football, penalty shootout, radar soccer, football simulators, soccer darts, bubble football, table top football and many more!

All of these can be hired as individual activities or run as a competitive football themed team-based multi-activity day, played on a ‘come and try’ basis. If your company is football mad then this could be the perfect event for you!

We can also arrange professional football coaching, celebrity footballer speakers and ‘freestyle’ football lessons so you and your team can master the art of the keepie-uppie!

Call us today for more information about this or any of our other corporate themed events!

Rodeo Football – a football themed variation of the extremely popular rodeo bull which offers equal amounts of fun and laughter for both spectators and riders! How long can you hold on whilst being bucked and spun off? You have three goes to keep your balance before being thrown off our giant football

Penalty Shoot Out – prove you are better at penalties than the England Football team by scoring a goal through one of the numerous holes in the back wall. We have even positioned one for those daring enough to try the Panenka like Andrea Pirlo. It’s the ultimate skill that every good footballer needs to master

Target Football – accuracy, not power is the key to being successful in this game. Target holes of different sizes and varying scores are positioned on the rear backdrop with the aim of the game being to shoot the balls through the holes to score as many points as possible. The game can either be timed or limited to a specific number of shots

Radar Soccer – this game gives you the chance to see how powerful you really are! Set in an impressive sports arena, participants blast the ball to determine the speed of their strike – measured in either miles per hour or kilometres per hour

Human Table Football – a fantastic giant 5-a-side inflatable version of the popular table game, human table football is guaranteed to make you laugh! Energetic and fun, the inflatable is entertaining for spectators as well as participants as competitors can only move from side to side. Our equipment comes complete with team bibs, flags, red and yellow cards and game commentary

Soccer Darts – this is a true test of accuracy as participants shoot velcro balls at our giant inflatable dart board to try and score that magic 180! A great combination of two popular pastimes, the dartboard is sure to be an eye-catching attraction for a corporate football themed event

Bubble Football – a truly exhilarating activity that continues to grow in popularity, Bubble Football is the perfect team activity for those who are football mad! With a range of games available, you and your friends will laugh as competitors get launched across the pitch, bounce upside down three times and roll 360 in our bubbles which are designed and made for safety first

Football Simulator – this state of the art simulator provides the ultimate shoot-out experience. Using the latest technology, the simulator records the velocity and direction of the ball to determine player accuracy in hitting the target and beating the goalkeeper. Includes multiple game modes, precision ball tracking, customisable stadiums and even simulated crowd noise!

Table Top Football – no corporate football themed event would be complete without this pub games classic which lets you go back to the basics of the sport. Up to 4 players can compete in the same game – the only tactical decision will be who plays where!

Kick It Pro Football Simulator – practice your free kick skills to feel like Christiano Ronaldo in this high-class simulator. Sensors will capture the velocity and trajectory as you blast the ball to try and score the ultimate goal. The kick will be displayed in a 3D environment and 5 shots are taken from different positions to try and beat the goalie

Mindball – this is a truly unique electronic Zen table game like no other that is played out in the mind. Facing your opponent you put on the mind ball head band and a magnetic ball calibrates into the centre of the table. The aim is to clear your mind and the more relaxed and focused you are, the more likely you will be to push the ball into your opponent’s goal


With the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup in Russia around the corner, why not add World Cup theming to your activities! Split your group up into different teams who can then compete as participating nations from the tournament. Why not go further and wear the colours of the nation you are representing, and we can provide the nation’s flag and even play their national anthem as you step out into the arena!

As Russia is the largest country in the world, there is plenty that the country has to offer that you could also use as side activities, including Russian folk singers, Cossack dancers or a range of Russian-based cuisine from meat dishes to pancakes. For those who want to party long into the night after winning your tournament, don’t forget that Vodka is one of the most famous drinks to come from Russia!