Corporate Film Making Experience Event Days

  • If you’ve ever wanted to emulate Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino, here’s your chance! Create your own short video using state of the art filming equipment with guidance from a professional film crew.
  • Our corporate film making event ensures complete team participation as there is a role for everyone including director, voice-over and the actors themselves.
  • Teams must script, produce, film and edit their own short movie to a specific theme. At the end of the event, all movies are shown and a winner chosen.
  • A selection of props and costumes are available, each team is allocated a film producer and iPad2 touch screen tablets and, with creativity and flair, a sensational production can be delivered!
  • The criteria for the two minute film includes an advert for the company, the portrayal of company values, a company mission statement and a themed comic take on office life.
  • You will need high levels of teamwork, interaction, delegation, negotiation, communication, creativity and understanding of the customer to ensure your team are walking away with the Oscar at the end!
  • Call today for more information.