Corporate Team Building Activities – Dancing Strictly-Style

Has the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing TV series inspired you to put on your Latin dancing shoes? This fun, energetic corporate team building event might be right up your street!

  • We’ve recreated the experience just for you, with our charismatic ‘showbiz’ host, professional dance instructors and our very own judges!
  • This dance-based corporate team building event works particularly well during an evening dinner, perhaps after a conference or long day of meetings. The activity is designed so all guests can take part, regardless of dancing ability!
  • The event works best in groups, as you partake in a 45 minute dance activity class during which everybody can be involved learning a dancing style of your choice, though we suggest the Jive or Salsa.
  • After this you can select your best ‘couple’ to perform a spotlight dance during an interval at your conference or dinner and leave them at the mercy of the judges and your colleagues to give an overall score.
  • This Strictly style corporate team building event doesn’t rely solely on dancing ability. Points are also awarded for effort and entertainment value!
  • This event format can be adapted to suit those on a limited budget or who simply want to learn a new skill and can be used as a very effective charity fundraising event with participants being sponsored to take part.