Corporate Team Building Challenges – The Apprentice

  • Exhilarating, great fun and just like the TV show, The Apprentice Challenge will get your teams working together to produce the best results.
  • During the corporate team building challenges, teams must compete in a pitch to win business from an actual company brief whether it’s building a new product or creating a new brand!
  • Will your team be hired or fired along the way by the Big Boss and the corporate board members?
  • You will have to consider budget, target market, unique selling points, scripts and any other sales and marketing elements.
  • At the end of the session, all teams will present their ideas, marketing strategy, strap lines, mission statements and support materials to the judges before performing their advert in a fun finale.
  • Will your team win and will you have one person that stands out as The Apprentice?
  • If you have limited indoor space or are keen for your delegates to get outside whilst testing their teamwork and bartering skills, try our ‘Out and About’ Apprentice challenge. The ‘Out and About’ challenge can also be used as a superb charity fundraising event with the shopping list adapted to provide a nominated charity with items they desperately need.