Corporate Cocktail Making Classes & Workshops

  • Food and drink always bring people together and our cocktail making classes and workshops are no exception – with the added benefit that the final ‘cocktail’ creations can be served as pre-dinner drinks or before guests depart, this is a great corporate event for all!
  • Watch and learn how to make a few classic cocktails such as a Mojito or a Cosmopolitan under the instruction of our professional cocktail mixologist, then have a go at coming up with an original cocktail of your own and presenting it to your class or workshop colleagues
  • Great as a team-builder, our corporate cocktail making workshops helps to improve confidence, creativity, communication, flexibility and leadership within your team as you work together to create the best cocktail
  • Popular as a break-out activity during a conference, for a Christmas party or social event or simply as a reward for your staff, cocktail mixing is great on its own or combined with one of our corporate cooking classes and challenges.