Company Christmas Party Activities – Chocolate Making Team Event

Are your team up for the Christmas team challenge of inventing your own brand of festive treats?

  • Two of our favourite company Christmas party activities, you can choose between making festive-themed chocolates or cupcakes. The event format is the same for both, so you can choose which Christmas team building event triggers your sweet tooth!
  • Teams begin by inventing their Christmas-themed chocolates or cupcakes using the wide variety of tools and ingredients. Working together you can experiment with different colours, plungers, cutters, moulds and nozzles to create unique Christmas treats
  • During the second stage of these company Christmas party activities, teams must design and develop a chocolate or cupcake brand to ensure their festive products sell well to their target market
  • Each team must work together to form a detailed strategy. All the ingredients and packaging materials are priced, so teams must decide how much they will sell their final product for to ensure the best profit. Overspend on the creation and packaging and you’ll have to charge an extortionate amount to break even. Underspend and you’ll create a product lacking in quality that won’t appeal to your consumers
  • To conclude, teams must pitch their product in an ‘Apprentice’ style meeting in front of the board of judges and as a fun finale perform their own advert
  • The judges will pick a winning team, however there are no losers in these company Christmas party activities as teams can dig in and enjoy the fruits of their labour at the end of the event!