• Have you ever wondered if you and your team could survive in the wild? This outdoor educational activity will help you learn basic survival skills and bring you closer to your work colleagues. What better way to bond than trying to survive?
  • Organisations today face unprecedented challenges and, in order to survive, good team work is the key. Our bushcraft and survival team building event is available nationwide and will give you a breath of fresh air away from the office. Our experts will teach you all the necessary skills then its down to you and your team to work together in the ultimate challenge of surviving.
  • The day or half day will be filled with fun survival challenges that can include building your own leaf shelter, primitive fire lighting with natural materials, tracking and foraging, learning knots to tie up tarp shelters, making flat-breads, bridge building using poles and cord, navigation and map reading skills and of course cooking and sharing a meal on the campfire!
  • By taking your team out of its normal comfort zone and back to nature with this outdoor event experience, you will see the group dynamics in a new light. Programmes can be tailored to address particular team issues and to meet certain strategic business objectives
  • Our bushcraft and survival team building event will improve your ability to communicate together in order to solve common goals through a rewarding learning experience. Working together as a team will be essential and we promise by the end, you will have at least one Bear Grylls wannabe in the office!