Apprentice Challenge 'Out and About' event for corporate team building and charity fundraising fun!

  • ‘The Apprentice’ is a hugely popular TV show and our ‘Out and About’ version gives teams a chance to work together to beat our very own Sir Alan Sugar! It is a brilliant way to test teamwork and brings out all the core business skills including leadership, delegation and commercial awareness.
  • This is a true test of teams’ negotiation skills. Armed with a list of items along with their RRP and a shoe-string budget of £25, teams will embark on a bartering mission to try and source the goods as cheaply as possible.
  • The event consists of three different corporate team building challenges requiring Apprentice style bartering and negotiation and varying in difficulty and price. Points will be awarded to each team based on how well they perform in each challenge.
  • This is a perfect team building challenge to prove to Sir Alan you have what it takes to beat the boss!
  • The Apprentice ‘Out and About’ team building challenge also works superbly well as a charity fundraising event. In this version, teams get a shopping list created by a charity for items they desperately need such as winter sleeping bags and warm socks for the homeless or toys and learning aids for a children’s home.
  • For the charity fundraising Apprentice event format, you decide the budget each team receives to make purchases and the shopping list we devise will be of far greater value than the budget. That’s the challenge!
  • We have excellent contacts with suitable charities or we can liaise with the charity of your choosing to create a suitable shopping list and donate the items post event.