African Drumming for Brainlabs – Creative team building in London using musical instruments

The Client

Let us introduce our client first! Brainlabs is a performance marketing agency located in London and Austin, Texas. They help companies expand on their marketing knowledge and deliver remarkable results in paid searches, programmes and social media platforms. Their smart strategy of employing mathematicians, scientists and programmers and training them in marketing proved to be a great success. The company has expanded rapidly from one to 160 in six years giving them first place in Deloitte Tech Track. What an achievement!

The Brief

Brainlabs decided they needed a short team building activity session to bring their 100 staff together in a cost-effective way at their Central London offices.

African Drumming was chosen as it is ideal for large numbers, quickly breaks down barriers and involves everyone in an uplifting and energetic experience led by our charismatic instructors. A creative musical team building event was the perfect choice to bond new Brainlabs staff members together with the existing team.

The Event

As soon as our musical instructors arrived at the Brainlabs office in Central London with 100 authentic African Djembe drums the whole atmosphere changed! The Brainlabs staff were happy to put aside their modern smart phones and tablets to embrace the traditional African rhythms.

The office Atrium, covered in green plants and natural sunlight with pillows everywhere, created a warm and welcoming feeling, making it a unique experience for all of us!

The African drumming musical team building activity is very flexible and can last up to half a day with the addition of percussion instruments and group harmony singing. On this occasion it fitted perfectly into the short time frame available of 45 minutes as an energetic break-out session from a day of meetings.

The short video opposite shows just how engaging the African drumming session was and what a special sound the group was able to produce in such a short period of time! Everyone quickly forgot any pre-conceived inhibitions they may have had about performing encouraged by our musical instructor and culminating in the spectacular final performance