Krypton Maze, Corporate Problem Solving Games At Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium London

Team Building Event for Wilson James, The Emirates Stadium, Arsenal FC, London

We recently organised and ran an indoor Krypton Maze event for Wilson James at Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium in London. The event took place in the Highbury Suite of the Emirates Stadium providing an afternoon of team building following a morning meeting and lunch for the staff of Wilson James. The 60 staff were pre-arranged into 12 teams and rotated around seven indoor Krypton Maze challenges each lasting 10-15 minutes. Teams were pitted head-to-head on each of the challenges to heighten the competitive element and were easily identified with some natty headgear we provided.

Our experienced event manager liaised closely with Wilson James prior to the event to ensure the chosen Krypton Maze activities provided the best mix to bring out the staff’s mental, physical, observation, teamwork and communication skills. He also liaised with the Emirates Conference & Events team to ensure the activities suited the space available. The Krypton Maze activities chosen for this event were Radio Controlled Cars Football (in keeping with the venue) plus Human Buzz Wire, X Blaster, Safe Cracker, Giant Operation, Labyrinth & Number Crunch and Puzzle Zone.

At the end of the afternoon, Gable Events awarded the winning team a set of medals and an additional prize for the individual who was considered to be the ‘Outstanding Performer’ of the day!

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