Corporate CSI Team Building Event for Bidwells in Newmarket

The Brief

Bidwells have entrusted Gable Events with providing their team building activities since 2012 starting with a corporate quiz for 40 delegates at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Cambridge. Gable Events have also welcomed a team from Bidwells into the Cambridge Dragon Boat Festival open event and delivered a Krypton Maze.

Gable Events were asked by Bidwells to provide a tailor-made CSI team building experience for 50 of their team. It was vital that this event was kept secret from all those participating. Tattersalls provided the perfect venue for both Bidwell’s conference and the surprise event.

The chosen event needed to be suitable for a wide range of delegates from different departments and locations and to provide a fast-paced, competitive and fun forum through which some important company messages could be delivered. CSI fitted the bill perfectly!

The Client

Bidwells are property consultants with a difference. They offer their clients unparalleled knowledge and access to the markets they serve – and these are some of the most interesting markets with the highest growth potential in the UK. Much of their work is concentrated in the ‘Golden Triangle’ encompassed by Oxford, Cambridge and London. Key activity in this area is focused on the science & technology and education sectors. They also manage thousands of square miles of the UK’s countryside and coastline where they help clients to take advantage of opportunities in the high-performing areas of forestry, renewables and agriculture.

The Venue

Tattersalls is set in 43 acres in the heart of Newmarket, not far from Cambridge. Park Paddocks is a truly unique location providing a stunning daytime and evening venue for corporate team building events. The venue offered complete privacy which added to the client experience.

The elegant reception room is able to seat over 200 guests and benefits from large orangery style windows overlooking the Parade Ring and Rotunda Lawns. This provided the ideal space for the client’s conference prior to the CSI starting.

Once underway, Tattersalls outdoor spaces offered some fantastic locations for the client to investigate the crime including the stable for the murder scene and parade ring for the area search.

The Event

The penultimate slide of the conference’s powerpoint flashed in front of the assembled delegates when three policemen burst into the room arresting the speaker on suspicion of murder.

The shocked delegates left the room and, making their way to lunch, caught a glimpse through the police and crime scene tape of a murder scene packed with evidence and an incident room bursting with screens, computers, cameras and laboratory equipment. Over lunch all the delegates were briefed and charged with the responsibility of proving the innocence of their boss. They received detailed information on how, by using technology, skill, teamwork, radios, laptops, the internet, photofit software and more traditional methods of detection, they would be able to solve the crime.

The four teams assigned their members specific roles and tasks but it became evident early on that to succeed, each needed to share their new-found knowledge with their team mates.

All four teams came together to effect an area search of a menage, directed by their team leaders. Despite their cohesive approach and best endeavours, all managed to walk straight past the murder weapon!

One of the highlights of the event was the live television broadcast appealing for some much-needed help in cracking the case and some Oscar worthy performances were witnessed on the big screen.

Although no single team proved conclusively the innocence of the boss, a facilitated group share of information produced the required result. This highlighted to all the delegates the need for communication and sharing of resources and the importance of flexibility within the work place.