Krypton Maze – Corporate Problem Solving Games Event

  • Take a little of the Crystal Maze and add a pinch of the Krypton Factor and what do you get…Krypton Maze!
  • Teams rotate around a series of our corporate problem solving games designed to challenge their mental, physical, observation, teamwork and communication skills including: Safe Breaker, Nordic Challenge, Rocket Launch, Puzzle Zone, Number Crunch, Labyrinth, Wii Fit, I Spy, Human Buzzwire, Indoor Laser Shooting, Balloon Tower, Castle Building, Axe Throwing, Inflatable Basketball, Target Golf, Construction Challenge, Remote Control Cars, Tug Of War and Table Skittles.
  • Test the skills and abilities of your whole team in this fun and interactive corporate event!
  • Points are accumulated on each of the problem solving games to determine the overall winning team at the end of the day
  • The Krypton Maze event can incorporate both indoor and outdoor activities to suit the venue. Why not call us and let’s start planning your event!